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What should a youth football player expect from his youth football coaches? That’s an interesting question, but one we should probably all ask ourselves as we start preparing for the coming season of youth football coaching. Here is my top 10:

10) We expect you to be the adult on the football field. To be above petty bickering, drama and excuse making. We expect you to treat referees, assistant coaches and opponents with respect. We expect you to accountable. When you make a mistake, own it, learn from it and move on, don’t make excuses.

9) We expect to be coached in an age-appropriate level. We expect to be taught skills, techniques and schemes that make sense for the age and skill levels of the player.

8- We expect you to be enthused about the game of football and coaching our team. We expect hustle, optimism and confidence in your abilities as a coach. If you aren’t excited about the game and practice, how can we be?

7-We expect you to be proactive about keeping us hydrated and healthy and to care for us compassionately and correctly when we are injured.
6) We expect you to let us know when We’ve done something right. It’s ok for you to point out when I’ve done something wrong, but I expect you to get as excited about something I do right as you do when I do something wrong.

5) We want your best. We don’t want you to allow us to go through a practice on auto pilot, we want you to hold us accountable to that perfect rep, that perfect technique that will help me become a better player. Once you stop paying attention to me, I know you’ve given up on me.
4) We want a well planned and well organized practice with little to no standing around. We need structure, you have to be the one in charge.  We want to be involved and engaged. We expect you to coach everyone, not just the best players. We know when you are not prepared and we know when you don’t know how to handle a group of boys.

3) We expect you to treat ALL players fairly and equitably- we expect that you won’t just automatically place your own sons at Quarterback and Running Back. It’s ok if they earn it, but your kids should be treated the same as everyone else.

2) We want to be able to trust you and want to be able to have the confidence that you have my best interest at heart, that if I follow your instructions, I will improve. We expect for you to care. We expect that you will know our name and care about us individually as both a player and as a person.

1) We expect you to do no harm, to not turn us away from the game of football. We expect that you won’t crush our spirit and interest in the game. Conversely, we want you to inspire a love and appreciation for football and our team in each of us.

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