Team Mom Handbook | 703 United Youth Sports - Travel Football and Cheerleading serving Dale City, Stafford, Manassas, Lorton, and Woodbridge.
703 United Youth Sports is the premier youth travel tackle, flag football, 7v7, and cheerleader program In Prince William County in the Manassas, Woodbridge, Dale City, Dumfries, Triangle areas of Prince William County. Offering Travel football (AYF).

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What does a Team Mom do?


Each Team Mom works out the details of duty with their Team's Head Coach based upon his requests and requirements. However, the basic premise is to do the administrative/organizing for the team to allow the coach to stick to coaching duties. Generally, the Team Mom has the following responsibilities (which can also be delegated to other team parents):
1)         Equipment

A)      Players/Parents will be notified in July of the designated dates and times to pick up their football equipment.  However, once the practice season begins, there are times that items may need to be exchanged or additional items are needed, and occasionally Team Moms help with this activity.

B)      Team Moms assist the coaches with collecting all the equipment at the end of the season and ensure that everything that belongs to the APYFL organization has been returned and accounted for.    
2)         FCYFL League Weigh-In Certification

          The FCYFL has designated dates for their official weigh-in (see League Calendar). Teams weigh in as a group at specific assigned times and only the coach may accompany players to the weigh-in. Parents and Team Moms are NOT allowed inside the facility at Falls Church High School.  In fact, because of limited parking and almost 6,000 players weighing in during the day, teams car pool as a group to the school.  However, Team Moms do help with the following administrative tasks in preparation for the weight certification:

                        i)          Collect DMV ID Cards from all players and verify current.
                        ii)         Help prepare weigh-in slips for all players
                        iii)         Collect parent and player signatures on all completed weigh-in slips
3)         Keep the team informed
A key responsibility is to ensure that parents are kept informed. Occasionally, practice schedules/locations may change; practice or games may be cancelled, postponed or locations changed because of inclement weather; or other important information must be communicated in a timely manner. The Team Mom should set up contact information for each parent and prepare an e-mail distribution list for such communications. 
4)         How much time does it take to be a Team Mom?
There are more responsibilities at the start of the season, and again at the end. A Team Mom handles a variety of activities that a team needs (other than coaching) or delegates to other team parents. How much time it takes to be a Team Mom correlates to how much you do yourself and how much you delegate. Delegating is a good thing and the team (to include the parents) feels more like a “family” when more people are involved!!
5)         How do I find out about these various team activities?
Your main source of information will come from the Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner of American Pride Youth Football via the Warriors' Website ( or mass e-mails sent to the database; through your Head Coach and from the Team Mom Coordinator. 
6)         Is there only one Team Mom per team?
Traditionally each team has one Team Mom. Occasionally a team may have two, but it is generally easier to work through one individual.
7)         Can Dads be a Team “Mom”?
YES! This role has traditionally been filled by a mom, but there is no reason that a Dad can’t assume this role as well.
8)         General Information
Both the American Pride Youth Football website ( and the Fairfax County Youth Football League website ( contain very helpful information and should be used as reference for Team Moms, parents, players and coaches.